Business Management Solution for Media Group Mogador Cindy Louise
Leverage your database
information in new ways
"With Mogador we automatically publish information for our Video On Demand services to our website. Once a movie is selected, the programming information is posted so viewers can review the synopsis of the movie, actors and so on. The Mogador technology safely and efficiently acquires the data from the Louise database and posts it automatically."

Regis Harisson
VP Operations, TV5 Québec Canada
Picture Copyright: TV5 Québec Canada
Reach Out to Your Audience

Mogador © is an easy-to-implement, automated tool that lets your viewers (or selected members of the media) stay on top of your current programming, even when there are last-minute schedule changes.

Advanced Technology

Mogadorʩ technology allows you to securely offer Internet access to designated parts of your Louiseʩ database (for example, today’s programs scheduled). The process is automated and dynamic, and you maintain control over what information is available.

Customizable API for Integrations

The Mogador © API Toolkit allows our technology to be implemented into other interfaces and web designs by using an object-oriented language. The toolkit accesses data stored in Louise © and automatically incorporates the data into other systems, such as websites for publication. No manual intervention is required. Mogador © completely preserves the integrity of the Louise © database. Mogador © can be used with the Cindy © Air Time Sales to facilitate e-booking. The toolkit can also be used to integrate data from external data systems.

Key Features of Mogador © Post the Latest
- Your programming information is always accessible and accurate.
Build Brand Loyalty
- A visible and cost-effective way to build programming and community bonds with the audience.
Extend Your Marketing
- Local media can update on the go; reserve certain data for "their eyes only".
Easy Access
- Users need only an Internet browser. Nothing could be easier.
- The process is fully automated; no additional manpower needed.
- API Toolkit makes it
easy to integrate data
into other systems and
to export to multiple platforms.